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From Concept to Brilliance: VinnCorp’s Innovative Solution Drove HealthX’s Success


HealthX is a well-recognized healthcare company with a vast network of medical professionals. Operating in 9 countries with over 1.6 million members, HealthX wanted to expand its footprint across the globe and make a strong online presence.

For this purpose, HealthX required a staff augmentation company to handle its website development. VinnCorp emerged as a reliable company during HealthX’s search for one, leading to an in-depth consultation to assess HealthX’s requirements.

The Challenge

HealthX aspired to develop a dynamic, intuitive, and sleek website with a modern interface complemented by an exquisite 3D animation. They required a reliable team to achieve their vision, including a project manager, a 3D animator, UI/UX designer, and a developer. They also required an expert eye to oversee the quality assurance testing to ensure a flawless website.

The Solution

VinnCorp provided a dedicated project manager and a 3D animator to address HealthX’s vision. They thoroughly analyzed their stringent requirements and designed a visually appealing 3D animation. Impressed with the animation, they requested our UI/UX designer to design mockups that align with the animation. To bring these design concepts to life and ensure its quality is impeccable, VinnCorp resourced them as a PHP developer and an SQA engineer. Their synergy helped deliver a superb website with exceptional user experience.

Bringing it All Together

VinnCorp's collaboration with HealthX in its quest for an impactful online presence yielded exceptional results. By leveraging VinnCorp's resources and expertise, HealthX achieved a significant transformation in its online presence. The successful development and design of their website, coupled with an engaging 3D animation, propelled HealthX to the forefront of the healthcare industry in Pakistan.

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