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VinnCorp Facilitated DealAI with a World-Class Finance Organizational System.


VinnCorp spearheaded the design of the groundbreaking finance organizational system, DealAI, with a mission to harness cutting-edge technologies for the advancement of businesses. The vision was to introduce a digital system that could automatically organize and present financial data, addressing a gap in the market.

The Problem

Despite having a clear vision, DealAI faced the challenge of transforming its concept into a tangible financial representation system. Armed with only unstructured data and guidelines, they sought assistance in bringing their vision to fruition, and that’s where VinnCorp took the role of execution.

Our Process





Final Product


VinnCorp collaborated closely with DealAI, investing time to comprehend their specific requirements. Post-analysis, we researched various AI systems and identified a gap in the market for a world-class finance representation system.


To ensure a thorough understanding and seamless execution, we conducted an in-depth analysis of different AI software. We also monitored their interfaces and performance to enhance DealAI. Additionally, we studied diverse financial terminologies such as LOI, IOI, and EBITDA, along with various graphs, to determine the most effective representation methods.


Team DealAI provided a rough presentation of their assumption of the system interface. Combining their guidelines with our research, we crafted wireframes. These were shared with DealAI, receiving appreciation and a request to proceed with finalizing the design.



We enabled the option to upload financial documents in DealAI. Leveraging the information in these documents, DealAI autonomously generated financial reports using bar charts, graphs, and funnels. Furthermore, we integrated an AI chat function to provide straightforward answers based on the content of uploaded documents.

The Final Product

Using Figma, VinnCorp innovated a state-of-the-art design for the financial organizational system within three weeks. This system marked the first of its kind, simplifying the representation of businesses’ finances.

Bringing It All Together

VinnCorp faced the challenge of actualizing DealAI’s vision while addressing business issues related to financial representation. Our innovation not only materialized the system but also incorporated diverse representation types for enhanced user understanding. With advanced technology and features, the system significantly saves time and effort, amplifying the efficiency of business operations.

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